Vincenzo Manzoni

My personal web page

History was born on Sunday, the 7th of September 2003, after a month of work. The initial intent was to practice with web technologies, but also try the blogging, a hype of those days in Italy. At the beginning is just a blog, a photo gallery and a webpage that summarizes my curriculum vitae. From the very beginning, friends start to comment the first posts. First off-topics come very soon. So, the 23rd of December 2003 I decide to open a forum, where to move these threads. The forum become quickly a tool for supporting the preparation for exams at the Univeristy. So, after some years, I decide to also open a wiki to support the creation and the sharing of the contents. At that time Facebook was not even though. However, the forum was a place where a group of friends debates on heterogeneous topics. Part of the legend Scalini della vita (six years later, I am still laughing), Il riso abbonda sulla bocca dei cinesi (endless), La Compagnia del Boa (R) (even more endless), the Brugali‘s case and Suicidio in diretta. Starting from 2008, the forum has been abandoning. The end of the University reduces the common topics and global social network, such as Facebook and Twitter, complete the picture. Thus, is time to change for A page that summarizes my personal and professional profile substitutes the blog, the gallery is removed, but the forum and the wiki are kept. Thanks everybody for these first 8 years!